30 September, 2009

New Time

Time teeters on my shoulders as a toddler struggling for puchase by grasping my brow.

What to do with this new acquistion - time? He taunts me, slows me and challenges my vision, overwhelming me with freedom and choice of direction.

I take his hands and we achieve a balance. We gaze into each others eyes and convey gratitude.

There is new life on-board and possibilities are real. I point, he smiles and off we go with steady determination, step by step the journey has begun.

25 September, 2009

Being Here

Souls accept the burden of time
to do the things we don't know

People live without concern
for the nature of their being
then die and remember
why they lived
and who they are

Such a pity
they had to wait
to know
and feel
the truth
of Love

Finding ourselves Now
we enter limitless love
and accept our eternal souls
unshackled from time
and free to fly

14 September, 2009


09 September, 2009


A peaceful stream gurgles down the mountainside.

A leaf moves silently along its current,

Meandering, flowing free.

Drifting around obstacles...

No resistance.

The current pulls it along

Gently floating to its destination.

Like that leaf we are set free

By surrender, by trust,

By accepting and being still.

We are moving effortlessly now

Along our current, around obstacles.

Loving silently, deeply, primally

Knowing innately that we are on our path.

Open to the possibilities.

Trusting that all is as it should be.

Trusting one another and the universe to begin to

Grow in peace not chaos.


03 September, 2009